What would life be like with out first responders, firemen, policemen, and paramedics?  Total Chaos?  Probably, or you and I would have to step up to do the job.  As rotarians, we are grateful for the willingness of the men and women who literally put their life on the line everyday for our safety and well-being.  

It is only fitting that one of our signature events is a picnic for the first responders and their families. It is a small token of appreciation for the efforts they put forth.  This years picnic corresponds with the anniversary of the April tornados that tore through the country and especially Alabama.  

As a way to highlight the differences first responders make in our lives, Vestavia Hills Sunrise Rotary put together a video detailing how the April 2011 storms effected Vestavia Hills.  I hope you are as moved by their bravery as I am.