Bullying - is unwanted aggressive behavior among school age children. It involves real or perceived power imbalance.

A REAL problem in our society, bullying is everywhere. Back in the day of A Christmas Story, bullying mostly involved "meet me at the flag pole after school." Today, the threats are more than just physical as more and more bullying takes place online. Many stories exist of suffering and even suicides from harmful acts of one child to another.

Where does it start? Who does it involve? What are the types of cyber bullying? What are the signs? How can a parent find out about cyber bullying? What can be done about it? These are questions Securus is helping parents answer and even take action on. Thanks to Kevin Hendrix for informing the Vestavia Hills Sunrise Rotary about making a change in Cyber Bullying.

For more info go to http://securus.slatexp.com/prevent-cyberbullying.aspx